Helander Dermatology

Helander Dermatology is the practice of Dr Steve Helander,  an Auckland Dermatologist.


Dermatology is specialty of medicine dealing with the health and diseases of the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes.

Dermatologists are medical doctors.  New Zealand has one of the longest training programs in the world.  After completing six years of medical school , the trainee spends 3-4 years of broad medical training including internal medicine. Only after a rigorous examination (FRACP)  are they ready to enter advanced dermatology training.

The advanced training in dermatology involves at least a further four years of intensive study, research and practice in a variety of approved training centres in New Zealand and overseas.

In total, a dermatologist has a minimum of 13 years of training. They are the only medical doctor with this breadth of training regarding all aspects of skin health and disease.