Helander Dermatology

Helander Dermatology is the practice of Dr Steve Helander,  an Auckland Dermatologist.


The Problem

Special tubes ensure optimum light wavelength

Acne affects teenagers almost universally. While most cases will resolve over time, some acne may leave severe physical and psychological scars. Fortunately there is a wide range of treatment options, and acne of any severity can be effectively managed and usually cured.  Poorly managed acne may produce problems that last a lifetime


Are there different types of acne?

Dermatologists define a variety of types of acne lesions.  Identify the type of acne and whether it is scarring is very important to select the appropriate management.  Types include:

  • comedones- both open and closed
  • papules (red bumps) and pustules
  • nodules (deep lumps)
  • cysts
  • scars, excoriations and pigment marks



Can acne be associated with other problems?

Sometimes there may be a more complex problem.  Special treatment will be needed if there is coexisting:

  • polycystic ovary syndrome
    this is a relatively common hormone imbalance seen in females pausing irregular periods, acne and sometimes hirsuitism (excessive hair growth on the face) it is important to diagnose and treat this.
  • Excessive excoriation (scratching of acne spots}
  • eczema related to irritation from topical acne products or overwashing
  • rosacea, fungal infection or other skin problems

A dermatologist is most qualified to diagnose and successfully treat these more complex cases.