Helander Dermatology

Helander Dermatology is the practice of Dr Steve Helander,  an Auckland Dermatologist.

Case study- Diagnosing and Treating aMelanoma

A 45 year old man with a lifelong history of recreational sun exposure presents for a full skin cancer check.  During the full body examination a mole is noted on the left shin.  He thinks that this may have recently appeared and changed.

Using a dermatoscope, an suspicious irregular pattern is noted and excision (removal) is arranged.

The mole is removed under local anaesthetic and sent for examination by an experienced pathologist.

The report shows that this is a melanoma in situ.  This is the earliest stage of melanoma development.

He can be reassured that this mole has been removed at a very early stage and he can be very confident that there will be no spread elsewhere.

If diagnosis had been delayed, there is a high chance that this would have developed into an invasive melanoma with the potential to spread into lymph nodes and become life-threatening.

Patients with melanoma are higher risk of further melanoma and other skin cancers and he will be placed on a regular automated reminder by email, text or a letter depending on his preference.